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Rasmussen to Conservatives: Yes, The Legal System Is Stacked Against You. Here’s Proof.

By  James

Rasmussen Media Group president and bestselling author Scott Rasmussen is urging conservatives and Christians to take a long, hard look at the legal system because the future is looking dim.

Citing a study by Northwestern University Law Professor James Lindgren, Rasmussen notes that Christians and Republicans are underrepresented in law schools. Among law school faculty, the disparities are truly “astounding.”

The study, Rasmussen explains, “shows that the legal system feeding cases to the Supreme Court over-represents Democrats and under-represents Christians. While 41% of the working population are Democrats, 61% of lawyers claim that affiliation. At the same time, 68% of lawyers are Christians compared to 78% of working Americans.”

“If we want our legal system to look like America, the nation’s law schools are not even close.”

Scott Rasmussen

Calling the difference “problematic” but not “overwhelming,” Rasmussen highlights something that is overwhelming indeed: Those who are instructing/indoctrinating the next generation of lawyers are almost all Democrats. A stunning 82% of law school faculty are Democrats; only 11% Republican and 6% Independent.

As for their religious beliefs, less than half of law professors are Christians, a significant difference from the 78% of working Americans.

“If we want our legal system to look like America, the nation’s law schools are not even close,” writes Rasmussen. The ideological and political imbalance in our law schools “could push our system of laws and governance even further out of touch with the nation it is supposed to serve.”

While we all worry about who will replace Justice Antonin Scalia, we’ve got to face that we have even more wide-reaching problems in the judicial system on the horizon.

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