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Rap Sheet: 32 Fake News Reports Pushed By Post-Election National Media

By  John Nolte

Here we are less than 5 weeks since President-elect Donald Trump’s (my four favorite words after “Let’s watch Death Wish“) shocking victory — a victory only made shocking due to all the fake news (Trump can’t win!) spread by our National Media — and already this very same National Media has been caught red-handed spreading 32 pieces of disinformation, of leftwing propaganda, of fake news.

As you’ll see below, the National Media’s obsession with spreading outright lies is mostly based on their childish inability to deal with Trump’s smashing victory (my three favorite words after “CNN is Hitler”). What makes this list all the more damning is the MSM’s other obsession of late, the so-called fake news spread by alternative media, a crusade that we all know is nothing more than a smokescreen for a blacklist against non-establishment news sites.

Below is an up-to-date rap sheet. Please note that I’ve lumped 11 debunked hate crimes together, which is how I came up with 32 post-election fake news incidents from 22 line items.

Use this list as reminder number 11,485, that that our National Media is a joke wrapped in a disgrace covered with disrepute boiling in filthy lies.

1. ESPN’s Nate Silver Manufactures Alternate Universe Where Hillary Won

Although Nate Silver came out much better than his New York Times/HuffPo election-prediction counterparts, the Forecasting Guru is now pretending that wish-casting is science. Had the election been held on October 27, there is actually zero proof that “late deciders” would have voted any differently. To blame Hillary’s loss on the FBI Director re-opening the investigation into her illegal bathroom server is nothing more than speculation.

By October 27, voters had been buried in news of Hillary’s illegal behavior for over a year. Therefore, there is every reason to believe late deciders would have gone for Trump, regardless. For starters, late deciders almost always move to the challenger over the incumbent, and in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary was not only the anti-change candidate, she represented 4 more years of the incumbent president’s administration.

2. New York Times Claims Russia ‘Hacked the Election’

This weekend’s news-storm about the CIA report that claims Russia hacked the emails of the Democrat National Committee and Clintonista John Podesta, is speculative enough. But for the sore loser-New York Times to use language like “Russia hacked the election” is simply irresponsible.

Even if Russia is responsible for those hacks, all they did was release The Truth — nothing in those damning emails was invented.

The bottom line is that our political media is so useless and corrupt, all a foreign power has to do anymore to make a splash is release … The Truth.

How sad is that?

3. New York Times Claims Trump Supporters Want ‘Safe Spaces’

A headline not supported by the actual story or the actual reporting.

This is called trolling.

4. CNN Claims Trump Will Be Working on ‘The Apprentice’ as President

Note how in this report, that aired on CNN’s “Erin Burnett Out Front,” the reporter says “but they [Reagan and Schwarzenneger] both stopped their acting careers when they took office.”

The insinuation is both obvious and dishonest.

5. New York Times Claims RNC Was Hacked

Although the Republican National Committee has gone to great pains to be transparent in proving to the national media that they were not hacked, the MSM has a narrative to push, which is that Russia wanted Trump to win (there is no proof of that), so that’s why the RNC emails were not released prior to the election. Oh, and Russia intends to blackmail the Trump administration with these emails.

6. NBC News Claims Fox News Held Christmas Party at Trump Facility

Big, fat debunked lie. But…

NBC News is gunna NBC News.

7. Washington Post Claims Russians Influenced Numerous Websites

After more than two weeks of smearing numerous websites, including the Drudge Report and Zero Hedge, as fake news sites influenced by the Russians, the Washington Post was finally forced to issue a humiliating correction.

8. Newsweek Reporter Claims Trump Supporters Booed John Glenn

Throughout the 2016 election, Kurt Eichenwald has been a roving disaster for Newsweek. The fact that he still has a job tells you all you need to know about the ethics of our political media.

9. CNN Claims E-Cigarettes are ‘Most Commonly Used Form of Tobacco’

There is no tobacco in e-cigarettes. Zero. Zip. Nada. None. The fact that e-cigarettes have nicotine makes them no different from nicotine gum or green peppers, which no one would argue are a “form of tobacco.”

The fact that a wildly-overreaching federal government uses the nicotine as a means to regulate e-cigs like a tobacco product, does not make e-cig a “form of tobacco.”

CNN is a joke.

10. Yahoo Claims Hillary Won Most Votes In History

Good God.

11. CNN Absolves Clinton Foundation of Wrongdoing

CNN has no regard at all for truth. All of the network is a dishonest and dangerous Social Justice Warrior network.

12. Entire National Media Claim Trump Transition In Disarray

This Narrative reminded me of the MSM declaring the Iraq War a quagmire after only 2 days. The MSM simply invented and coordinated this “disarray” Narrative in the hopes it would come true. This is a partisan political tactic the MSM has used against Republicans for decades. That way if the Narrative does come true, it is even more damaging.

13. Washington Post Claims Sarah Palin Responsible for Gabby Giffords’ Shooting

This is almost too surreal to believe. But we are talking about the Washington Post here, so…

Believe it.

14. CNN Reverses Most of Its Reporting On Story About Ghana Elections


15. Eleven and Counting Fake Hate Crimes, Fake Hate Crimes, Fake Hate Crimes

In the aftermath of Trump’s Electoral College landslide (my four favorite words after “I canceled my cable”), our fake news-obsessed MSM went on a rampage reporting, without any verification, a wave of hate crimes against minorities and gays.

Most of these have been debunked.

16. Entire National Media Buries Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters

In their partisan zeal to pretend Donald’s Trump’s breathtaking presidential election victory (my six favorites words after “Class action racism suit against CNN“) represented a new Kristallnacht, our hilariously dishonest media relied on the hilariously dishonest SPLC, which meant that there was almost no reporting of 2,000 reports of “racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled at white students.”


17. USA Today Claims Facebook is Flagging ‘Fake News’

If nothing else, our media is simply lazy and stupid.

18. Numerous Outlets Falsely Report Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Spread #PizzaGate

There is nothing sweeter than catching the media spreading fake news in its effort to criticize fake news.

19. Vox News Pushes Knife Attack as Shooting

If Vox news wasn’t real, you would have to make it up.

20. NBC News Claims Trump ‘Not Ruling Out’ Muslim Registry

Although incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus declaratively told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “we’re not going to have a registry based on religion,” NBC News still lied about the possibility of a Muslim registry.

21. Buzzfeed Reports “Fake News’ Outperformed ‘Real News’ on Facebook

More BenSmithing at the failing Buzzfeed.

22. ABC News/Associated Press: Workers Feel Forgotten By Trump

Again, the reporting does not back up the headline. It is also a preposterous angle given that Trump is not even president, and has only been president-elect for a little over a month.

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