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Raging Bull Rams 11-Inch Horn Up Mexican Matador’s Rectum In Horrifying Match Gone Wrong

On Monday, a matador was brutally sodomized by a raging bull during a match in Mexico City. The bull rammed all 11 inches of its horn up Antonio Romero’s rectum, puncturing the matador in a horrifying manner.

“Shocking footage has emerged showing a matador being gored by a bull — and ending up with its horn up his backside,” reports The New York Post, adding:

The stomach-churning clip shows Romero seemingly in control as he goads the animal with a red cloth, called a muleta. But something goes wrong as he tries to get the bull to pivot around him. The angry beast rears up, catching him on the arm and knocking him off balance.

As Romero stumbles back in an effort to avoid the bull’s deadly horns, the animal throws off the muleta and homes in on its helpless target. Now, with its tormentor in its sights, the bull takes its terrible revenge.

It mercilessly attacks him, digging in its horns and rolling him across the ground. The goring only ends when other bullfighters come to their colleague’s aid and distract the animal.

Romero sustained “severe” injuries as a result of the incident. He was promptly rushed to the hospital where he underwent treatment to his rectal area.

Mess with the bull; get the horns.

We know what you may be thinking. The incident is a perfect political metaphor (or at least it is for alt-right fan boys obsessed with cuckoldry). For a primer on the bull/cuck dynamic routinely referenced to by the alt-right, read here.

A video of the horrifying incident is posted below. Warning: the video is not for the faint of heart; it features disturbing and graphic content. Watch at your own discretion:

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