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Radical Muslims Terrorize Nigerian Christians With Death Threats

The mainstream media remains silent as Christians living in Nigeria are under constant threat of attack by radical Islamic extremists who continually lead raids on villages. Some of the attacks have led to kidnappings, death threats, while others have led to murder.

Haruna Samaila, a Christian living in the Tudun Wada area of Nigeria, claims that radical Muslims have threatened to kill him if he did not renounce his faith or pay them a considerable amount of thousands of U.S. dollars, according to a Morning Star News report.

When Samaila reported the incident to the police, even presenting a recording as proof, he found himself behind bars instead.

“I reported the threats to our church leaders, and they asked me to report the matter to police,” he said. “When I did so, I was instead arrested by the police and detained. It took the intervention of our church leaders to get me released.”

Samaila was freed after his church threatened legal action against the local authorities. He claims that this is a sign that the government is not interested in helping the Christians living in the African nation. He told the press, “The government is insensitive to our plight. This is a conspiracy against us Christians in Kano. Those in authority and government know those armed Muslims carrying out these attacks against us, and that is the reason they are not concerned about our plight. It is a battle against Christianity and Christians in Kano state.” He added, “I will never allow them to kidnap me alive, they just have to kill me.”

This comes on the heels of radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen raiding a series of villages in Nigeria’s Plateau and Benue states, killing five and kidnapping five others.

Earlier this month, the same group of Islamic extremists attacked Christians living in the village of Rim, killing nine members of Church of Christ In Nations.

The mainstream media seems uninterested or unwilling to investigate the intense persecution that many Christians are facing in the African nation.

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