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Race-Baiter Al Sharpton Now Targeting Bill Maher After N-Word Joke

On Sunday, speaking on MSNBC, Al Sharpton blasted HBO host Bill Maher for using the N-word in his interview with Senator Ben Sasse which aired on Friday.

The exchange prompting Sharpton to target Maher went like this:

Maher: “I’ve got to get to Nebraska more.”

Sasse: “You are welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

Maher: “Work in the fields?! Senator, I’m a house, n—-r.”

Speaking on MSNBC’s Politics Nation, Sharpton snapped, “Oh no! There are no exceptions that make this acceptable.”

Sharpton doubled down on his Sunday radio show, saying, “He doesn’t get a pass because we’re friends. What Bill Maher did was normalize a word that is anything but normal.”

When radio host Don Imus uttered what many thought was a racist comment in 2007, Sharpton called for him to be fired, saying, “You cannot allow the airwaves to become the toilet of racist language in America.”

Of course, when Sharpton used the ‘N-word” for other blacks, or called whites “crackers,” or Jews “diamond merchants,” or called gays “homos,” that was quite another story, apparently.

Or, even worse, as when Sharpton’s incendiary rhetoric helped incite the Crown Heights riots in which a Hasidic Jew was murdered.

Was Maher wrong? Of course.

Is Sharpton the man to pose as his judge and jury?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

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