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Polls Collapse For Trump As Petty Squabble With Irrelevant Pageant Contestant Rages On

By  Joshua Yasmeh

The prospect of victory is looking ever-more slim for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. According to the latest polls, Hillary Clinton is back on top, carving out a significant lead in key battleground states over her increasingly frustrated opponent.

As Donald Trump continues to ravage the Clinton campaign’s scarecrow, attacking irrelevant former Miss Universe contest Alicia Machado and assuming the media-assigned role of “misogynist” bully, Hillary is galvanizing support across the Midwest, including states that traditionally go red.

The Real Clear Politics average puts her at a 3.9 point advantage over Trump in the national polls. Some individual polls look more grim for the beleaguered GOP nominee. In fact, Reuters has Hillary up by a staggering 7 points.

Although Trump may have enjoyed a slight bump in the polls over the last few weeks, that honeymoon is over. With about left until voters cast their ballots for the next president of the United States, Trump may head into election day down in key swing states.

According to theYouGov poll numbers, Trump is trailing in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Iowa –all states he needs to win in order to create a path to victory on the electoral map.

With the help of politically-savvy campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump managed to slice Clinton’s lead significantly in recent weeks, putting up strong poll numbers in Ohio and Florida.

But that was before this election’s October surprise. After The New York Times published its hit piece on Trump’s alleged tax payments, other mainstream publications followed suit, spinning routine and legal deductions as evil and unlawful fraud. The billionaire businessman took a hit in the polls, especially among working-class voters his campaign has so worked so hard to attract.

Bad publicity isn’t the only thing leading to the poll collapse, however. Much of Trump’s electoral woes are a result of his own doing.

By taking the Clinton campaign’s bait and launching a full-scale, so-called “fat-shaming” personal attack on former Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado, Trump is playing into the unflattering caricature that’s been assigned to him by his political detractors. Instead of assuming the role of a robust and competent Commander-in-Chief, (the strongman figure American are pining for in the face of an ISIS-led global jihadist insurgency), the real estate mogul has chosen to counter-attack fame-hungry, has-been pageant girls. The back-and-forth between Trump and Machado has undoubtedly made the White House contender look small and petty, further damaging his public image with voters.

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