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Polls: Clinton Up 7, Clinton Up 9, Clinton Up 15

The polls are looking bleak for Donald Trump. A Fox News poll conducted between October 15-17 found in a two-way race with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton led with likely voters 49%-42%. In a four-way race in which Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein were included, Clinton received 45% of the respondents’ vote, Trump 39%, Johnson 5%, and Stein 3%.

Clinton was slightly underwater in terms of favorable/unfavorable numbers, at 47%-51%; Trump was much farther underwater at 40%-59%. When the voters were asked whether the candidate had the judgment to serve effectively as president, 53% said Clinton did; 37% said Trump did. The numbers for Trump were even worse when the voters were asked if the candidate had the temperament to serve effectively as president; 61% said Clinton did; 35% said Trump did.

When asked about a series of issues, the voters preferred Clinton on each one except for the economy, where Trump led Clinton 50%-44%. On every other issue, Clinton led:

Making decisions about using nuclear weapons: 57%- 32%.

Handling an international crisis; 56%-37%.

Foreign policy: 55%-37%

Immigration: 50%-44%

Terrorism and national security: 49%-45%

Most surprisingly, Clinton led on changing the country for the better: 47%-44%.

67% of voters thought Clinton was lying about how her emails were handled while she was secretary of state, 23% disagreed; 51% of voters thought Trump, not his female accusers, was lying about his inappropriate behavior with women; 24% disagreed.

A Bloomberg poll taken between October 14-17 found Clinton with a bigger lead than the Fox poll: nine points in a four-way race. Clinton garnered 47% of the vote, Trump 38%, Johnson 8%, and Stein 3%. For the first time, Clinton led with men, 46%-44%. She led with women by 17 points, 55%-38%.

Clinton’s favorable/unfavorable numbers came in at 47%-52%; Trump’s were far more damaging: 37%-62%. 42% of voters said they would be “panicked” if Clinton won; 59% said the same if Trump won.

Meanwhile, a PRRI poll found Clinton with a massive 15-point lead: 51%-36%. The poll found Clinton with a 16-point lead among independent voters: 46%-30%. Clinton dominated among female voters: 57%-31%. Among men, Trump saw his eleven-point lead from last week, 48%-37%, drop to a four-point lead, 44%-40%.

Non-white voters preferred Clinton by a huge margin: 76%-17%. White voters slightly preferred Trump, 43%-40%.