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Poll: Trump Has YUGE Lead Over Clinton Among Military Members And Veterans

By  Aaron Bandler

A recent poll shows that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a massive advantage over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in one demographic: military members and veterans.

The most recent NBC News/Survey Monkey tracking poll released on Wednesday shows Trump with a 19-point lead over Clinton among military veteran voters, 55 percent to 36 percent.

Military and veteran voters felt more comfortable in Trump’s ability to serve as commander-in-chief than Clinton. Fifty-three percent to 47 percent military voters said they were “confident” about Trump as commander-in-chief, while 64 percent to 35 percent of military veterans were not confident that Clinton was capable of ably serving as commander-in-chief.

Military and veteran voters also felt that Trump was better on veterans’ issues than Clinton, by a margin of 53 percent to 28 percent.

However, military members and veterans were much less confident in Trump’s capability of handling nuclear weapons, as they felt slightly more confident in Clinton handling them than Trump.

Trump has consistently talked about veterans’ issues throughout his campaign, emphasizing the need to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, Clinton has said she opposes privatizing it in any fashion. Trump also has a penchant for stating that America is first in his heart, which also appeals to some military veterans. However, Trump has gotten into hot water for insinuating that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is not a war hero as well as smearing the Gold Star Khan family for speaking out against him at the Democratic National Convention.

Priorities USA, a Super PAC that supports Clinton, has recently released an ad targeting Trump that insinuates he would be reckless with nuclear weapons.

Both Trump and Clinton will each appear in a forum hosted by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America later on Wednesday to discuss military and veteran issues.

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