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Poll: Majority Of Small Business Owners View Trump ‘Policy Changes’ & Tax Cuts Favorably

By  Frank Camp

Between January 17-22, Roosevelt Opinion Research surveyed approximately 500 small business owners at the behest of the Job Creators Network and found that a majority believe the Trump administration’s “broad policy pursuits” have “helped their businesses.” Additionally, an even higher number view the GOP tax cuts favorably.

Here are the exact numbers:

When asked: “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The Trump Administration’s policy changes have helped my business,” 42.5% said they “strongly agree,” 21.3% said they “somewhat agree,” and 10.7% said they “neither agree nor disagree.”

A combined 14.8% said they either “somewhat disagree” or “strongly disagree,” while 10.7% said they “don’t know.”

When asked: “How do you view the recently passed tax cut legislation that provides a new 20 percent tax deduction to small businesses?” 52.8% view it “very favorably,” 15.6% view it “somewhat favorably,” and 11.5% are “neutral.”

A combined 6.33% view the cut “somewhat” or “very” unfavorably, while 13.8% were “unsure.”

CNBC reports, “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers a 20 percent deduction for qualified business income from so-called pass-through entities, which include S corporations and limited liability companies.”

When asked: “How much will the tax cuts help your business?” 26.9% replied “very much,” and 30.8% replied “somewhat.” 12.9% said the cuts wouldn’t help “at all,” and 29.5% were “unsure.”

Perhaps the most interesting answers came when the following question was asked: “How do you plan to use your tax cut savings (check all that apply)?” Here are the answers in ranking order:

  • “Invest in new equipment or expand” – 24.9%
  • “Pay off debt” – 18.8%
  • “Unsure” – 13.8%
  • “Other” – 12.7%
  • “Raise wages” – 12.5%
  • “Create jobs” – 7.3%
  • Multiple boxes checked – 7.3%
  • “Take additional profit” – 2.8%

Overall, only 18.4% of small business owners told surveyors that the media covered the tax bill fairly. 57.3% said the media was “biased.” 24.3% were “unsure.”

The Job Creators Network poll has a margin of error of approximately 4%. The Daily Wire rounded the numbers to the nearest tenth of a percent for clarity. For example, if an answer was 2.45%, it was rounded to 2.5%, and if an answer was 3.43%, it was rounded to 3.4%.

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