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Poll: No, Trump Didn’t Win Because Of Russia

By  Hank Berrien

A new CNN/ORC poll finds that far more Americans believe that the Russian hacking did not influence the results of the American presidential election than those who believe it did. 58% of voters agreed that regardless of the information released as a result of Russian hacking, the outcome of the election would’ve been the same, whereas only 40% believed that the information released as a result of Russian hacking was significant enough to change the outcome of the election.

Women were evenly split on the issue; 49% voting each way, but far more men felt the election was not affected; 68% to 30%.

The poll, conducted between January 12-15, also found that almost 80% of respondents have been following the news regarding the Russian hacking efforts, including 84% of Democrats, 75% of independents and 72% of Republicans.

The voters essentially agreed that Russia had tried to influence the election; 75% of respondents thought it likely that intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia attempted to influence in the U.S. election was correct. That feeling was sharply split along partisan lines; 95% of Democrats thought it likely while only 17% of GOP voters agreed; 72% of independents thought it likely.

Additionally, 72% of voters thought that if the intelligence agencies were correct in their assessment, that would constitute a problem.

Yet 56% of voters still felt that despite the Russian efforts, the U.S. should continue efforts to improve relations with Russia; only 41% felt the U.S. should take strong diplomatic and economic steps against Russia. 66% of Democrats felt the U.S. should move against Russia, while even more GOP voters, 68% felt the U.S. should improve relations.

47% of voters thought Donald Trump would go too easy on Russia; 43% felt he would be “about right” on relations with Vladimir Putin’s nation.

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