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Poll: Majority Of Young Whites Support Black Lives Matter

By  Hank

According to an August GenForward poll, support for the Black Lives Matter movement young white adults has grown so much in the last two months that a majority of them now support the group.

In June, when surveyed, 41% of whites in the 18-30 age group supported Black Lives Matter in June, but that number rose to 525 in August. A salient difference between young whites and young blacks is that 66% of young whites believe the group’s rhetoric incites violence against police, while only 19% of young blacks agree. 43% of Asian-Americans and 42% of Hispanics believe that the rhetoric incites violence. Additionally, young whites feel that the problem of violence against police is more serious that violence from police toward blacks.

Among young blacks, Latinos and Asians, support for the Black Lives Matter movement is quite strong; in the June poll, 85% of young blacks supported the movement; along with 67% of Asians and 62% of Latinos.

When asked if recent deaths of blacks from police shootings were part of a larger pattern, 72% of young blacks said they were, 61% of Asian-Americans, 51% of Latinos and 40% of whites agreed. 91% of young blacks believed that black deaths from police shootings were a serious problem; 43% of whites agreed.

The GenForward survey was conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The August poll was taken after protests followed the Baton Rouge, Louisiana police shooting of Alton Sterling, a police officer shot and killed Philando Castile in a suburb of Minneapolis, and police were massacred in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Black Lives Matter rhetoric has included marchers calling for the deaths of cops; the group’s supporters have included those who have gleefully celebrated police deaths on Twitter.

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