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POLL: Kim Jong Un Is More Popular Among Republicans Than Nancy Pelosi

According to a poll released Monday by the Daily Beast, Republicans have a strangely favorable view of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — or, at least, they have a more favorable view of Kim Jong Un than they do some Democrats.

Around a thousand people participated in the poll which found that around 19% of self-identified Republicans had a favorable view of the North Korean leader who met with President Donald Trump last week, while nearly 70% said they had an “unfavorable” view.

The results aren’t necessarily notable — there are always people whose opinions are dictated by their love of President Trump, party bias, or simply a lack of information about Kim Jong Un’s atrocities — but at least one Democrat, Rep. Nancy Pelosi might want to take a memo.

Among Republicans, Pelosi had a 17% approval rating, two points lower than that of Kim Jong Un.

That’s not a great look for Republicans, of course, though nearly anyone or anything, including cockroaches, head lice, Nickelback, colonoscopies and Brussels sprouts can get 10% favorability (and all frequently poll better than Congress, as a whole).

Politics, researchers and interpreters could conclude from the study, is now largely driven by how you perceive President Donald Trump. If you like Trump, or tolerate him, you’re more likely to view world leaders who cooperate with him favorably, even if those world leaders are maniacal and murderous.

But Democrats aren’t necessarily immune. If you don’t like Donald Trump, that worldview colors your interpretation of politics and your love for political leaders across the board, too. Self-identified Democrats also said they favored Kim Jong Un — or at least that they disliked a man who has imprisoned thousands and starved millions only slightly less than their own President.

Democrats gave Kim Jong Un an 8% favorability rating. They gave Donald Trump a 10% rating.

The Daily Beast’s headline is quick to trumpet the GOP’s love for North Korea’s diminutive dictator, but Republicans aren’t the only ones biased toward Kim when conditions are right.

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