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POLL: Americans Want Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed

Despite the doom and gloom put out by the Left regarding President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Americans, by a narrow margin, still want him confirmed.

A new Gallup poll found Americans’ initial views on Kavanaugh’s confirmation to be divided, but a slight majority still wants him to be confirmed. The poll, conducted in the five days after Trump nominated Kavanaugh, found that 41% of respondents want the judge to be confirmed, compared to 37% who do not.

“This four-percentage-point margin is slimmer than any Gallup has measured in its initial read on 10 prior nominees since 1987,” wrote Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones. “On average, the margin in favor of confirming the nominee in these polls has been 23 points, 49% to 26%.”

Gallup does not have polls for former nominees Stephen Breyer, David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, or Douglas Ginsburg. All but Ginsburg went on to become Supreme Court justices.

Robert Bork, whose character was heavily attacked during his confirmation hearing and whose polling by Gallup came two months after he was nominated, still had a larger margin of support than Kavanaugh, at +6.

Kavanaugh’s slimmer margin could be due to his nomination’s role in changing the ideological balance of the court, and the fact that attacks on his judicial history came prior to his nomination, as Trump whittled down the list of nominees. Gallup also found record opposition from Democrats toward Kavanaugh’s nomination, with 67% favoring a “no” vote.

As long as Republicans have the votes, however, public opinion won’t matter much.