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Philadelphia Mayor Wants To Force ‘Racist’ Gay Businessowners Into ‘Implicit Bias’ Training

Apparently, the “inclusive” gay neighborhood in Philadelphia, or the “Gayborhood,” is not so inclusive. According to the mayor, it’s downright “racist.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny believes “racism” and “discrimination” is so rampant in the neighborhood that he is forcing gay bar and nonprofit owners into “implicit bias” and fair business practices training, mandatory within 120 days.

“The mandates come as part of a report released Monday by the Commission on Human Relations that found widespread reports of racial tension and discrimination in the neighborhood, which often touts its inclusivity,” reports

The outlet notes that the Gayborhood is made up of owners who are mostly “white cisgender males,” which are traits typically equated with inherent sinfulness in Leftist Land. Normally a person of a protected class like the LGBTQ community gets a pass on any poor behavior, but it looks like these folks are losing the Oppression Olympics, as their white male-ness has created a road block.

Mayor Kenny lamented the racism allegedly rife in the LGBTQ Philadelphia community, even threatening the elimination of organizations which don’t “change their ways.”

“Racism in the LGBTQ community is a real issue. It’s a real issue in our entire society, not only just in the LGBTQ area or in the Gayborhood,” said Mayor Kenney. “We need to do more to address it here in Philadelphia. We will do whatever else we need to do to see that the recommendations are adopted. And that possibly could include eliminating organizations who won’t change their ways by limiting our participation in their work financially.”

As noted by, a leaked September YouTube video, in which the owner of the gay bar ICandy (perfect name) used the N-word, was the “tipping point for building reports of discrimination throughout the Center City neighborhood.” The owner would later apologize for his racist language.

But there’s more: “The city’s Commission on Human Relations held hearings and published a report that found that most Gayborhood businesses are owned by white cisgender males who give preferential treatment to white male patrons,” notes “Transgender women of color are particularly vulnerable to discrimination, harassment, and physical violence, the report said.”

The report also found fault in “vague policies or employee handbooks” concerning “dress codes, ID policies, bar service and treatment of staff” of the 11 bars subpoenaed.

And it’s not just the fittingly named gay bars (ICandy, Woody’s, Stir Lounge, Boxers, etc.) that are allegedly racist, it’s the pro-LGBTQ nonprofits, which are also mandated to take “implicit bias” training at the threat of revoked funding: AIDS service organization Philadelphia FIGHT is one such targeted nonprofit.

Former Philadelphia mayor and current FIGHT board member Rev. W. Wilson Goode Sr. is highly skeptical of the allegation of racism against FIGHT.

“Philadelphia FIGHT is probably one of the most diverse organizations in the city,” stated Goode. “I do not believe anyone could write that who investigated, who read the personnel plan, who knew what they were talking about.”

“Bars that do not comply could face punitive damages and fines,” reports, and nonprofits “could see their contracts suspended or terminated.”

Yikes. The infighting is real, and the “inclusion” is apparently not.

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