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WATCH: Comedy Sketch: ‘Trumpy Bear,’ Meet ‘The Hildebeest’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

In their latest video, sketch group Riot Act takes on their own horrifying version of the popularized “Trumpy Bear” with “The Hildebeest.”

The sketch — written by Adam Yenser, a writer for “The Ellen Show,” directed by Daily Wire writer Paul Bois, and starring a pussy hat-wearing Kassy Dillion of The Daily Wire as “woman” (lol) — mocks all the wretched qualities of twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Americans have come to know far too well.


“First came Trumpy Bear, roaring in the wilderness. Now, sulking quietly through the woods because she lost the election, comes … Hildebeest!” the video, narrated by Bois, opens.

“Hildebeest,” which cackles like an actual Hillary Clinton when you press her paw, is a wildebeest stuffed animal with a blonde wig, red lips, and a powerful feminist pantsuit. And, bonus, she comes with a bottle of hot sauce to “connect with minority voters.”

“Proudly display Hildebeest in any house. Except, of course, the White House,” voices Bois.

Hildebeest, much like another politician whom shall remain nameless, will never go away. Never.

And when you get tired of Hildebeest, pack her away, never to be seen again,” the sketch continues. “But she’ll be back! Because once you choose Hildebeest, you’re stuck with her forever.”

“Even if you try to replace Hildebeest with other options,” says Bois, as Hildebeest is exchanged out for a Bernie Sanders doll. “She will return. She never goes away.”

“Order now, or later, what difference at this point does it make,” the sketch ends — a reference to Hillary’s cold Benghazi scandal testimony.

The video is a take on a real product called Trumpy Bear, for which the unintentionally comical commercial went viral. In fact, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro called Trumpy Bear “the greatest concept in human history.”

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