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WATCH: Parkland Student Says Activists Are Starting ‘A Revolution’ Over Gun Control

By  Ryan Saavedra

On Saturday, a student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he and other far-left activists “are going to start a revolution” over gun control.

Hogg completely ignored an ABC News/Washington Post poll that the hosts of the program showed viewers which found that 57% of Americans thought mass shootings were the result of mental health problems vs only 28% who thought it was a reflection of gun control laws.

“Today we are going to start a revolution,” David Hogg said. “This is the beginning of a lifelong marathon not only for me, but for my generation.”

“We are sick and tired of the inaction here in Washington and around the country at different state capitols and in different cities [by] politicians who are owned by the NRA and are not listening to their constituents and the future of America,” Hogg continued.


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