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Ocasio-Cortez Says She Feels Like An ‘American Revolutionary,’ Gets Mocked

Far-left Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said online Wednesday night that she felt like an “American revolutionary” — and was promptly mocked by conservatives.

Ocasio-Cortez posted the remark after she apparently visited “The Great Leap” at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and tweeted out a photo that matches the text of a display featured at the museum:

The world the British colonists inherited was ruled by kings, hereditary aristocrats, and wealthy gentlemen. But in the year 1776, Americans decided to change that world. They would do without a king or aristocrats. They would create a new government based solely on “the people.”

But who would really count as “the people,” and how would it all work? Should wealthy and educated gentlemen still dominate the government? Should a new, representative form of government truly represent the interests and views of common men and women? How should those people participate to make their voices heard?

Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter: “Mood: American Revolutionary.”

The representative-elect’s attempt to identify herself with the American revolutionaries was too much for some of her critics, who responded online in hilarious fashion.

“Wait until you hear about their perspective on limited government and individual rights!” tweeted Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

Others made similar remarks, noting that the Founding Fathers “advocated against *almost* everything she stands for.” One critic hit her for “doing her phony Mr. Smith tour of the nation’s capital for a generation of silly-putty revolutionaries,” while another wondered if she wanted to join the revolutionaries “before or after they created the 3 chambers of government.” Others noted that her “revolutionary” state of mind didn’t prevent her from voting to keep the Democrat establishment in power by backing Nancy Pelosi to retake her role as speaker of the House.

A few examples of the pushback online below: