Obama’s DOJ Admits Ambushes on Cops Are Up. Cops Can Thank President Obama.


Even as Barack Obama claims that his anti-police policies have not increased the risk to police officers around the nation, new statistics revealed on Tuesday show that’s just not the case. According to Obama’s own Justice Department, “surprise assaults” on police skyrocketed 25 percent in 2008-2013 over the ten-year period preceding Obama’s administration. Ronald Davis, the director of community-oriented policing at the Justice Department, told The Los Angeles Times, “In an era of strained community relations and struggles with police legitimacy, violence against police is of particular concern.”

Just yesterday, the head of the FBI admitted that cellphone footage targeting cops had created an upswing in violence against the cops; the White House quickly said that wasn’t the case.

The White House, however, continues to push policies that do nothing to reduce violence in communities or against police. The DOJ study found that community policing accomplished little in terms of reducing ambushes against police – in fact, it slightly increased risk to have more cops on the ground in areas with high crime. Naturally, the DOJ immediately dismissed the finding – because where statistics prove that your theory fails, dismiss the statistics. The DOJ actually wrote, in full Orwellian fashion, “it is not within the realm of any plausible theory that community-oriented policing is a contributing factor to violence against the police.”


According to Barack Obama and the rest of the left, the police can’t be trusted – and they proclaim that message loudly and proudly to criminals. Then, they’re shocked that more police presence in crime-ridden communities ends with more dead cops.

Just days ago, Obama again legitimized the racist, violence-defending Black Lives Matter movement. He said, “police officers have a really tough job and we’re sending them into really tough neighborhoods that sometimes are really dangerous and they’ve got to make split-second decisions.” Then he added, discounting everything that came before, “we, as a society, particularly given our history, have to take [BLM complaints] seriously…the African-American community is not just making this up.”

But, as we know in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, black leaders did make up an evidenceless story. They did that with Sandra Bland in Texas and Tamir Rice in Cleveland. They did it with Eric Garner in New York City and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles.

Members of the black community sometimes do make stories up; cops are often prosecuted based on those stories, and then released when the stories turn out to be false. Then the President of the United States revives those false complaints, without providing any solutions. Is it any wonder more cops get shot these days?

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