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Obama Has Time For Black Lives Matter, None For Scalia Funeral

By  Ben Shapiro

Today, Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was placed in repose at the Supreme Court; President Obama is expected to visit later today. But Obama won’t be attending Scalia’s funeral on Saturday just down the road at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Instead, Obama will send Vice President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, he may or may not be golfing. Seriously.

After admitting that Obama might hit the links instead of the funeral of one of the most consequential jurists in American history, Jay Carney complained that people shouldn’t expect Obama to go to the funeral: “There’s so much rancor and politics and partisanship that we allow ourselves to get drawn into different corners to the extent that some people actually want to use the funeral of the Supreme Court justice as some sort of political cudgel.” Carneys said it wouldn’t be “appropriate” for Obama to come.

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