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Obama Commutes Sentences Of Over 50 With Firearms Violations

President Barack Obama issued a record amount of commutations on Wednesday, and over 50 of them had firearms violations.

Of the 214 commutations issued by Obama, 56, or about a quarter of the total commutations, had firearms violations on their record in conjunction with a drug trafficking or carrying a firearm as a felon, which is illegal.

Obama has had a penchant for shortening the sentences of criminals with firearm-related offenses. Back in March, Obama issued commutations to 12 prisoners with firearms violations as well as 13 others in December, according to The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross.

It truly is the height of hypocrisy for Obama to lecture Americans about gun crime, bash the National Rifle Association and attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens when he’s letting loose criminals with firearm violations, as numerous conservatives have pointed out.

“Releasing prisoners convicted of gun crimes early sends precisely the wrong message and demonstrates that all your talk about gun show loopholes and all the rest is nothing more than political window dressing,” writes Hot Air‘s Jazz Shaw. “Yes, we have a problem in this country, but it’s not a gun problem. It’s a criminal problem. When you start trying to enforce the laws we have on the books and cut down on gun crime, perhaps I’ll begin treating your other gun control requests a bit more seriously.”

Back in January, radio host Dana Loesch eviscerated Obama for being soft on criminals despite his calls for gun control.

“We say ‘not one more,'” Loesch said. “Not one more felon helped, not one more gangbanger enabled, not one more prosecution abandoned, and not one more sentence reduced. Not one more jail term decreased to probation and not one more right or ability taken away from innocent Americans.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Wednesday, Obama has granted a total of 562 commutations during his tenure as president, a record amount for any modern American president. While Obama has tried to justify the commutations as relating to “nonviolent crimes,” the fact is that the true problem is illegal immigration, which is something that Obama could easily solve if he chose to but hasn’t.

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