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NYT’s Blow: Racial Agitation ‘Has Nothing To Do With Media’

Like most other nights on CNN, a political discussion panel turned contentious as racial issues were raised. Angry as always, The New York Times’s Charles Blow chastised radio host Andy Dean for minimizing what he saw as the significant role that anti-black racism among whites played in motivating Donald Trump’s supporters. Blow also derided Dean for attributing the media with driving racial agitation in its political analysis.

Dean criticized what he said were “media myths” regarding Trump’s lack of appeal to Hispanics and blacks, earning a condescending laugh from Blow and frustrated sigh from left-wing pundit Margaret Hoover.

“I don’t know what walk of life you have to be in to think that race is a media fascination,” said Blow. “I happen to live in this skin, I’ve been doing that for like forty-six years, and let me tell you something, this has nothing to do with media, has nothing to do with my job, has nothing to do with any of that. It has everything to do with the fact that I know my history. I know my family’s history. I have investigated that and written a whole book about it. And everything about that history has everything to do with race. Every moment along the way, when they worked really hard, and they were prevented from transference of intergenerational race, it had everything to do with race. It had nothing to do with the media. They didn’t have TVs then. This concept that were are creating, or we are somehow living in a past and luxuriating in a race obsession that is great for us because we feel good about it the most insulting thing that I could ever hear.”

“That was a stretch,” replied Dean.

Blow’s writings at The New York Times focus almost exclusively on racial issues as he sees them. His demeanor on television i almost always one of acrimony and belligerence.

Watch the exchange below.

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