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New York Daily News Runs Another Horrible Headline – This Time, About Cruz

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The New York Daily News has previously scolded Americans for praying, equated NRA President Wayne LaPierre to a radical Islamic terrorist and now, the failing publication has targeted Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz with their despicable “Drop Dead, Ted” headline accompanied by a picture of the Statue of Liberty giving the middle finger.

As pointed out at the Republican presidential debate on Thursday night by Cruz himself, the slanderous headline is evidence that the senator’s rising poll numbers, particularly in Iowa, have placed a massive target on his back—leading to both Donald Trump and the media picking up their rifles and firing away.

The NYDN cover attack is in reference to Cruz calling out opponent Donald Trump for his “New York” values. The senator was obviously depicting Trump as a liberal guy, since a state like NY is just about as blue as you can get. Trump’s dirty but effective move turned the insult around and declared that Cruz was “insulting” NYC residents who had bravely overcome that tragic terrorist attack on 9-11.

Clearly the liberal NYDN approved of the attack, taking the handoff from Trump and running with it.

The subheading: “Hey, Cruz: You don’t like NY values? Go Back to Canada” also takes a dig at Cruz over the meritless Trump-launched “birther” conspiracy.

Putting the obvious “Could you imagine the outrage if a publication had run such a cover about a liberal?” question aside, the NYDN is not only dirty and incorrect in their attack, they and much more likely to bolster Cruz’s base, which above all else, despises the dirty and blatantly biased acts of the media, acts precisely like this one.

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