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New York Daily News Goes Insane Over Trump Loss

By  Chase Stephens

After Trump’s shellacking by Cruz in Iowa the headlines touting his defeat were numerous but none as brutal as NY Daily News.

“Dead Clown Walking”

The Daily News has had field day with Trump’s run for the presidency, with a string of headlines now culminating in the Sean Penn movie reference above.

The Washington Post points out the long-running Trump bash theme, noting that the title is, “a sequel to “Clown runs for prez” (June 17) and “Insane clown posse” (Jan. 21). Actually, it goes back further than that — to “Sideshow Don” (April 11, 2011), when Trump was toying with the idea of a 2012 White House bid.”

And when Sarah Palin jumped on the Trump train, the Daily News was there like a kid on Christmas morn…

With regard to the “I’m With Stupid” headline, the New York Times sums up the tabloid’s explosive front page, saying, “It was the latest in a series of attention-grabbing covers that have shifted the conversation around the struggling paper. Just a few months ago, after an aborted sale and sweeping layoffs, The News seemed to have completed its devolution from the model of a big-city tabloid to a battered symbol of the diminished state of America’s newspapers. But the recent string of covers, which were all widely shared on social media, have sent a very different message — if not about the paper’s long-term financial prospects, then at least about its continuing cultural relevance.”

They sure hate Trump but with every headline he’s making them money. Funny how that works.

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