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New Poll Has A Bunch Of Awful News For Democrats

A new Harvard-Harris poll of 1448 registered voters on a wide range of topics provides a lot of unwelcome news to Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.

In a series of rather eye-opening results, many highlighted by writer Eddie Zipperer, the poll paints an increasingly grim picture for Democrats still clinging to hope for any semblance of the “Blue Wave” they once felt so confident was coming.

The poll found that 47% currently approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, which is two points better than last month and about where Rasmussen puts him (and nearly identical to Barack Obama’s approval at the same point in his presidency, by the way).

On the economy, a crucial indicator for midterms, the results are devastating for Democrats: 69% say the economy is either “very” or “somewhat” strong (just 31% disagree); 68% say their own financial situation is either improving or about the same (just 26% say it’s “getting worse”); 58% approve of Trump’s work on stimulating job creation, and about the same number, 57%, approve of his handling of the economy.

Asked if they feel the economy is on the right track, 47% say yes, 39% say no, and 14% are unsure. While that question works in Trump’s favor, however, regarding the direction of the country in general there is less optimism: just 39% say it is on the right track, while 52% say it is on the wrong track and 9% are unsure.

Then there’s illegal immigration, an issue which conventional wisdom would have you believe would be a massive plus for Democrats. But the pollsters’ findings suggest otherwise.

Overall, 46% say Trump is handling immigration well, which is probably higher than most would have thought, but when specific decisions and policies are cited, it’s clear that a strong majority agree with Trump on most of his key stances. A few highlights (h/t Zipperer for pointing out several of these):

  • 70% want stricter enforcement of immigration laws
  • 63% agree with Trump’s DACA compromise
  • 73% agree with Trump’s reversal of his separation policy
  • 61% agree with Trump that our border security is “inadequate”
  • 84% side with Trump against sanctuary city policies blocking notification of ICE
  • 76% are against the leftist idea of “open borders,” and 69% are against the notion of disbanding ICE
  • 64% believe those who cross illegally should be sent home, and 61% said even those with children should be sent home
  • 55% want to hold illegal immigrants in custody (as opposed to 45% who agree with the Democrats’ “catch and release” policy)
  • 53% say illegal crossing families with children should be held (47% said they should be released)
  • 88% believe parents and children should be held together
  • 48% said illegal immigration reduces wages to workers (42% said it has no effect; just 10% said it increases wages)
  • 38% said immigration was the most important issue facing the country (the highest percentage of any issue)

And that’s not all. The poll also found that 57% approve of Trump’s handling of terrorism; nearly three-quarters approve of Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un; and a slim majority say they believe Trump will deserve a Nobel Peace Prize if he manages to get North Korea to disarm.

Nearly six in ten think the Robert Mueller investigation is hurting America, while majorities believe Obama politicized the FBI and members of the intelligence community should be investigated over the handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

As for general opinions on the Republicans versus the Democrats, the numbers are comparable: 39% approve of Republicans’ handling of their job (61% disapprove), while 42% approve of Democrats’ (58% disapprove).

The sample of the poll favored Democrats somewhat: 37% Democrat, 32% Republican and 29% Independent.

See the full results here.

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