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New Clinton Campaign Talking Point: Hillary Helped Kill Bin Laden

By  Robert Kraychik

Diligently reading talking points given to him by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Representative Hakeem Jeffries declared that the former first lady’s presidential qualifications include having been in the Situation Room with President Barack Obama during the operation to eliminate Osama Bin Laden.

Pushing back against CNN’s hyping of Senator Bernie Sanders’s mocking of the Democrat front-runner’s presidential qualifications, Jeffries listed Clinton’s witnessing of a live feed of the killing of Bin Laden as an accomplishment.

“She was the Secretary of State, on of the most important positions in the cabinet,” said Jeffries. “Working hand-in-hand with Obama, including being in the Situation Room, Wolf, when the effort to kill Osama Bin Laden was executed flawlessly. She’s one of the most qualified individuals ever to run for the presidency.”

Clinton has repeatedly asserted that she was an important adviser with respect to the decision to liquidate the Islamic terrorist who for years was at the top of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in an attempt to bolster her national security bona fides. Obama made the elimination of Bin Laden a central feature of his 2012 campaign.

Below are a handful of examples of Clinton’s claims that she played a meaningful role in taking out Bin Laden.

The selection of Clinton to head the State Department fulfilled several interrelated purposes. First, it assured that Clinton would bring over her network of support to back the Senator Obama’s presidential campaign. Second, it maintained Clinton’s political prominence in the public eye while building her resume with a senior cabinet position in order to continue her unofficial presidential campaign that began with her senatorship. Third, it provided Obama with a loyalist he could expect to not question him publicly or privately.

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