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Netflix Cartoon Mocks Pro-Lifers: ‘Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus’

Left-wing Netflix cartoon BoJack Horseman grotesquely and callously advocates for unapologetic abortion-on-demand while bashing pro-lifers in a recently-released episode.

In Episode 6 of the show’s third season, a singing Dolphin named “Sextina” broadcasts a single called “Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus,” pro-life legislation is grossly misrepresented as a mother being informed of a baby’s future “favorite color” and other nonsense, and pro-life advocates are wholly mocked as bigoted Christians who don’t understand screwy leftist “science.”

The “music video” for a new single promoting so-called “choice,” in which Sextina pretends to get an abortion while gleefully singing “get dat fetus, kill dat fetus” on repeat amidst the fake-sounds of gunshots, is truly disturbing–even for insane pro-abortion fanatics.

Fittingly, the opening line is an out-of-touch, jarring attempt to scold the pro-life movement: “I’m a baby killer, baby killing makes me horny,” sings the dolphin.

Lasers are aimed at the dolphin’s uterus and coat-hangers are also featured in the video.

During the episode, pro-lifers are depicted as old, “white men with bowties” who know nothing about leftist-deemed science. You know, that type of “science” which magically turns a human into a human only when a mother “wants” it.

“I heard a theory that if a woman really has an unwanted pregnancy the body has a way to break the fetus down into gas particles and then she can just fart it out,” says one of the men discussing abortion on “MCNBSea.” Asked where he heard such a claim by the host, the “actual doctor” says that he recalled hearing that from the Bible.

The cartoon also features the expectant couple—a human and a golden retriever—visiting a “Planned Parrothood” to obtain an abortion. Before entering the facility, pro-lifers are mockingly shown protesting outside of the facility, because of course they are.

But during the “visit” to the abortion mill to kill the unborn, things become increasingly disturbing. Pro-life legislation, responsible for saving lives, is mocked relentlessly, and wholly misrepresented: “By law I have to tell you that at one month your puppies have a favorite color and that color may be blue,” says the abortionist. “Also, before your procedure, you’ll have to watch 20 hours of cute puppy videos as Sarah McLachlan’s ‘I Will Remember You’ plays softly.’”

One would imagine that this level of insensitivity over abortion would be condemned even by pro-abortion fanatics. But taking that logic a step further, as Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has repeatedly done, most recently during a Fox News appearance on The Kelly File, a whole mess of problems for pro-abortion advocates spills over: Why are leftists turned off by any depiction of abortion if it’s simply a “procedure” to remove a “clump of cells?” Why is this bothersome at all?

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