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NBC’s Chuck Todd: Not My Job To Vet Trump

By  Aaron

NBC’s Chuck Todd essentially said on Wednesday that it isn’t his job to vet real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The Meet the Press Daily host said that a typical criticism of the media is that they have “enabled his rise.”

“But, folks, you could argue that the media has also provided all the material that normally a campaign would want to put together as an attack against Trump,” Todd said. “You don’t have to look far for this stuff, folks.”

Todd pointed out that PolitiFact’s 2015 lie of the year involved Trump’s statements and that Trump has had blatantly obvious inconsistencies, such as saying that he has always been against the Iraq War despite his 2002 expression of support for the war.

“Folks, those are all inconsistencies that a normal campaign that was running against Donald Trump would probably put together into TV ads and try to see if it would leave a mark with voters,” Todd said.

This is patently absurd. It is a journalist’s job to vet all the candidates regardless of political ideology, and not to rely on other campaigns to do it for them. As Newsbuster’s Nicholas Fondacaro writes, “For a member of the media to advocate for campaigns alone to do the vetting is an abdication of journalistic duty.”

“For a member of the media to advocate for campaigns alone to do the vetting is an abdication of journalistic duty.”

Newsbuster’s Nicholas Fondacaro

Todd’s failure to do his job is even worse considering that he’s a Democratic Party hack. His wife used to be the communications director for the Democratic Party and currently works for a leftist political consulting firm. Todd himself is a former staffer to Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA). The fact that Todd refuses to vet Trump–and that the media themselves barely vet Trump, according to a Media Research Center study–suggests that the Democratic Party views Trump as easy prey in a general election matchup against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

(h/t: Newsbusters)

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