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Islamic Extremists Continue Slaughter Of Nigerian Christians

Radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen are continuing their assault on Christians living in the African nation of Nigeria’s Plateau and Benue states. For the past two weeks, Islamic jihadists have led systematic attacks on Christians living in rural villages, killing five and kidnapping five more.

Morning Star News reports that two Christians from the Church of Christ in Nations were traveling through the village of Wereng, Riyom Local Government Area, in the Plateau state when they were attacked by the extremists on Sunday, November 12th. The two men were shot to death and their bodies mutilated with machetes.

A Plateau State Police Command spokesman said in a press statement, “The dead bodies were recovered on the scene at about 8:15 in the morning by miners who were on their way to mining camp.” He added, “The police recovered two sticks belonging to the gunmen, and a motorcycle belonging to the deceased persons in the scene.”

Istifanus Gyang, a member of Nigeria’s National Assembly parliament said that the Muslim Fulani herdsmen are trying to scare the Christians out of their homes in order to seize the land.

“Under this unfortunate development, the Nigerian state and government, which have the constitutional responsibility of protecting citizens from aggression, have left the victims at the mercy of the marauding herdsmen,” Gyand said in a press statement. “These attacks have to be profiled and classified as acts of insurgency and treated with the same response as Boko Haram has been handled.” He added that he wants the herdsmen to be classified as terrorists.

The Islamic extremists have also assaulted Christians in the Benue State villages of Gaambe-tiv, Isho, and Azdege, murdering three and kidnapping five others earlier this month according to Morning Star News.

These attacks come on the heels of a similar attack led by the radical Muslims on the Nigerian village of Rim, where they killed nine Christians who were returning home from a local market.