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Muslim College Student Said Trump Supporters Assaulted Her. Here’s The Truth.

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that a female Muslim college student at the University of Louisiana was assaulted and robbed by two white male Trump supporters, apparently sporting white “Trump” hats during the incident. The left, of course, jumped all over the attack, as it fed into their narrative that Trump supporters are the violent ones; not the violent thugs currently committing arson, fighting each other, smashing car windows and assaulting Trump voters to demonstrate that “love trumps hate,” or what have you.

But here’s the only problem: The accuser later confessed that this never happened. This “hate crime” was a complete fabrication; just another left-wing hoax manufactured to perpetuate a false narrative and vilify political opponents.

Here’s the initial falsified report:

Around 11 a.m., a female UL-Lafayette student was walking down a residential street near campus when two white males jumped out of a gray four-door sedan and hit her with a metal object, knocking her to the ground, university police told the Advertiser. The men tore off the woman’s head wrap, took her wallet and hit her while she was down, police said. The woman reported one of the suspects was wearing a white hat that had “Trump” on it.

But on Thursday night, the Associated Press reported that the accuser recanted, admitting that she made up the entire story. Per the Lafayette Police Department:

During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males.

As noted by Mediaite, the ACLU of Louisiana sounded-off on the hoax on Thursday, harshly condemning President-elect Donald Trump as well as the fictitious assaulting Trump supporters.

The ACLU of Louisiana is outraged at the news of a young Muslim woman being assaulted and robbed of her hijab in Lafayette yesterday morning. The report that her attackers also shouted slurs and wore Donald Trump clothing is especially troubling in light of Mr. Trump’s frequent use of anti-Muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail.

We condemn this rhetoric and this behavior. We call on all Louisianians to reject anti-Muslim bigotry. Muslim Americans and residents have the same rights that we all do: to practice our religion freely and openly, to live and work without fear, and to participate equally in public life. To act otherwise is in direct contradiction of the values enshrined in our founding documents and our laws.

One would think that after the news hit confirming that the assault and robbery was a complete and utter hoax, the ACLU would apologize for their condemnation. But this is the ACLU we’re talking about, so they instead doubled-down on their condemnation of the nonexistent Trump backers and Trump himself. Makes sense.

The Lafayette Police Department has announced that it has dismissed its investigation of an anti-Muslim attack after the victim recanted her story. We don’t know the full story of what happened yesterday, and we don’t know what caused her to recant.

What we do know: Threats, harassment, and violence against Muslim men and women, as well as people of color, immigrants, and LGBT people, have been occurring across the nation in recent days. This is not a coincidence.

We stand by our call for all Louisianians to reject anti-Muslim bigotry. Our Muslim neighbors’ rights remain unchanged. We will continue to speak out against this harassment and bigotry, and call for equal protection under the law.

This is the ACLU we’re talking about, so they instead doubled-down on their condemnation of the nonexistent Trump backers and Trump himself.

Even if a hate crime is made-up, it’s still Trump’s fault. Interesting logic.

H/T Mediaite