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Mother Brags About Turning Young Son Into Drag Queen On Social Media

Mother and author Mikli Feria Jorge took to social media on Tuesday to brag about turning her young son into a drag queen.

Jorge explained that she was watching VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality show in which drag queens compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, with her impressionable child (fantastic parenting move number one) when he apparently told her he wanted to “do that also.” Naturally, the mother opted to bypass any actual helpful guidance and instead took out endless makeup, turned her son into a drag queen, posed for pictures, and then plastered them on the internet (fantastic parenting move numbers 2-19).

“He had me do his wings, insisted on eyelashes,” boasted the mother.

She then took photos of her son in a red dress and gave him his own drag name: Cat Astrfi.

Photos of the young mother posing with excessive makeup were also posted on Jorge’s Twitter account, because “momma wanted in on the action, too.”

Jorge posted an especially inappropriate photo of the young boy in which the dress he was wearing is partly off, exposing his shoulder as he peers downward. She captioned the photo with the word “Sashay.”

The mother ended her tweet-storm with a video clip of the decked-out duo.

Jorge has authored a collection of short essays entitled, I Love You.” “I Love Chicken Nuggets.” & Other Tales of Motherhood. The author candidly talks about motherhood from the perspective of a young mother raising a son. On a site linked to her Twitter account, Jorge writes: “Motherhood came as a surprise. I went from little girl, to little girl with a little boy. At 20, I was leaking breastmilk from under my PE shirt and rushing to pump before my neuropsychology class! I’m parenting while still growing up myself, and finding I’m learning a lot more from my son than I’m teaching him.”