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Mike Huckabee Gives The Worst Trump Final Defense Of All Time

Mike Huckabee just gave the worst final argument for Donald Trump that could ever possibly be made.

The former Arkansas governor sent out a tweet in which he compared Trump to “a car wreck” and Clinton to “a drunk-driver”:

Naturally, the media pounced on the tweet, with news outlets like The Wrap calling it a “bizarre metaphor.” Huckabee responded by lashing out to the media in a subsequent tweet:

Or it could just be that the tweet was really that awkward. Comparing the candidate you’re voting for to a “car wreck” is not a convincing argument.

Huckabee turned into an ardent surrogate for Trump after Huckabee dropped out of the primary race. Huckabee even went as far as saying that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) deserved to be called “Lyin’ Ted” after Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Committee. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Huckabee’s daughter, works for the Trump campaign as a senior adviser.

The failed presidential candidate has made a series of rather interesting tweets lately: