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Michael Avenatti Seeks Vengeance On Jacob Wohl

By  Jeffrey Cawood

Attorney Michael Avenatti, best known as the former legal counsel for porn actress Stormy Daniels, confirmed on Wednesday that his new client is pursuing criminal and civil charges against intermittent social media influencer Jacob Wohl “and his co-conspirators.”

Avenatti says his services have been retained by Aaron Delgado — a Minnesota mortgage specialist whose image was used as the face of a fictitious Twitter profile which was reportedly controlled by Wohl. The fake account has since been removed, and Twitter banned Wohl from its platform.

“It is time that he face the consequences for his outrageous conduct,” Avenatti wrote. “And I intend on ensuring that he does.”

According to The Daily Beast, Wohl used the bogus account to send himself a phony death threat, then submitted it to police as evidence that he had been the target of “terroristic threats.” Wohl claimed his life was in danger while he, along with former Project Veritas reporter Laura Loomer, co-starred in a documentary about Minnesota Rep. Ihan Omar (D) that was filmed in Minneapolis last month.

The photo is believed to have been randomly swiped from Delgado’s Instagram page. He first learned that he had unwittingly become part of the hoax after being contacted by a business associate.

Avenatti, who appeared to blame Wohl for his felony domestic violence arrest last November, has repeatedly vowed to seek vengeance ever since. As the case fell apart and prosecutors declined to press charges, Avenatti warned Wohl multiple times that he was “coming for” him. Wohl denied any involvement and filed a police report in response to Avenatti’s bold words.

“If I was Jacob, I would not be sleeping well at night,” Avenatti told TMZ.

At the time, Avenatti said Wohl was “more dishonest with less of a moral compass…than Donald Trump,” adding, “I am going to make it part of my life’s work to bring him to justice.”

Avenatti tweeted on Wednesday: “I can now confirm that Jacob Wohl is also presently under investigation for multiple criminal firearm violations.”

Earlier this week, the California attorney claimed he had “uncovered substantial evidence” that involves Jacob’s father, attorney David Wohl, who has been a recurring guest on FOX News. Avenatti says he has proof that the elder Wohl “participated in the hoax against Mueller as well as the fabrication of the false death threat by his son.”

“I can’t begin to express how much I am looking forward to deposing Jacob Wohl, Jacob’s dad, and Laura Loomer, under oath, in our new case,” Avenatti posted Sunday on Twitter.

He then quoted from the rules of evidence applicable for U.S. federal courts, suggesting that Wohl’s past behavior might be admissible in future judicial proceedings.

“Translation – all of his shenanigans are fair game,” Avenatti interpreted.

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