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Men Now Face Discrimination In STEM College Programs
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After decades of being told women weren’t choosing to go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) jobs because they preferred other fields but because they were discriminated against by misogynists, a new study finds that men are now the ones being discriminated against.

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that female-only science programs may run afoul of Title IX — the federal statute that prohibits discrimination based on gender. A study released that same day from Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) — an organization that works to secure due process rights for students accused of sexual misconduct. The group is now working on a project that challenges the abundance of single-gender programs in higher education — most of which benefit only women.

“A new study released Tuesday found that 84% of about 220 universities offer single-gender scholarships, many of them in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and math,” the Times wrote. “That practice is permitted under Title IX only if the “overall effect” of scholarships is equitable. The study, by a Maryland-based nonprofit advocating gender equity on college campuses, showed the majority of campus awards lopsidedly benefited women.”

In California alone, the study found, 11 colleges and universities reviewed by SAVE provided 117 scholarships for women only and just four scholarships just for men.

“The pendulum has swung too far in the other direction,” SAVE president Edward Bartlett told the Times.

“We’re not a society based on quotas, we’re a society based on fairness,” Bartlett added.

A report from American Enterprise scholar and economics professor Mark Perry created a report last November that showed women now make up over half of all STEM graduate school enrollees in the United States. They also earned more than half of all science and engineering bachelor’s degrees between 2004 and 2014.

Perry cautioned that the numbers depend on how one defines STEM. He included “Health and Medical Sciences” in his definition in order to reveal that 50.6% of STEM grad students in 2017 were women.

Those who perpetuate the idea that women are still disadvantaged in our society — despite decades of high-profile campaigns focused on elevating women and none focused on men — like those at the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), claim the SAVE study is the result of “a pretty well-organized and well-financed movement that is pushing out the false narrative that men are the victims of feminism.”

For reference, the NWLC’s net assets or fund balances for the end of 2017 totaled more than $60 million. In an email responding to a Daily Wire inquiry, Bartlett said SAVE’s annual budget was around $300,000.

The Times also interviewed a female professor who has previously filed a Title IX complaint against the University of California-Los Angeles for workshops available only to women. She told the outlet that she filed the complaints because she was tired of female favoritism in the sciences, which she said has replaced meritocracy. She also told the outlet that she mentors male and female college students, and has found more men concerned about whether they could succeed in a STEM field given the current emphasis on women.

“I obviously want women to be able to have opportunities to further their education and have employment in STEM, but I feel everything is being pushed for women,” she told the Times. “For me, Title IX is about being completely fair.”

UCLA said men were not excluded from the workshops, even though fliers for the event made it clear the workshop was for women. UCLA also said it conducted 59 workshops over the past three years and that the “vast majority” of participants were men.

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