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Meet The Family Who Had A Baby in Chick-fil-A And Now Get Free Chick-Fil-A For Life

By  Kassy Dillon

Last week, a couple delivered their beautiful baby girl in a Chick-fil-A restroom with only assistance from a few employees. Now the family gets free Chick-fil-A for life at that store.

While driving to the hospital, the Griffin family stopped at a Chick-fil-A to meet a family friend to hand over their two older daughters for the evening. The restaurant was closed for the night, but Falon Griffin needed to use the restroom so she banged on the doors and the employees allowed her in.

Robert, her husband, came into the restaurant a couple of minutes later and was told by employees that Falon was screaming. In an interview with the Daily Wire, Robert recounted what happened next.

“Her water broke in the bathroom and I walked in and saw her standing hunched over with her hands on her knees and I could barely see the head,” he said. “I told her, ‘Baby we’re going to do something great, but we’re going to do it right here, right now.’”

Robert knew that the situation could be dangerous because both Falon and the baby were considered high-risk due to Falon being epileptic and signs the baby might have heart complications. To make matters worse, as the baby was being born, Robert noticed the umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck.

Robert quickly unwrapped the cord without telling his wife, fearing she would panic, and delivered the baby.

Within six minutes Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin was born.

“She was cold when she was born and it was air-conditioned in Chick-fil-A,” Robert recounted. “I used my shirt to dry her off and then warm her up on my skin.”

Robert was wearing a Donald Trump 2020 campaign shirt that day.

When Robert first entered the bathroom, he yelled to Brenda Enriquez, the Chick-fil-A drive-thru director who originally let them in, to call 911 and bring towels. The family originally reported that the staff heated up the towels to help with the birth, but later found out that the towels were in the manager’s office, where the air conditioner had just broken resulting in the towels being just toasty enough to keep Gracelyn warm.

“The towels changed her color,” said Robert.

While waiting for the paramedics, Falon had to continue standing as the umbilical cord was still attached and the placenta had not yet been delivered.

Despite the uncomfortable position, the family stayed positive: “I looked at her and then we both had a moment when we were like, ‘OMG we totally just delivered in a Chick-fil-A stall!’ and we started laughing.”

“So many things could have gone wrong,” Falon added. “They didn’t have to open the door for us. I could have delivered in front of my kids before dropping them off. I didn’t know I was in labor. It would have been traumatic delivering in front of them.”

When the paramedics arrived, they let Robert cut her umbilical cord and then hooked her up to monitor her O2 levels and temperature. Robert says they had to add more oxygen in the ambulance on the 30-minute ride to improve her condition.

“She didn’t spend one minute in an incubator, as originally expected, and she was two weeks early,” the family said.

Falon said the first two times she gave birth everything was normal, but they used an epidural. She is proud that this time she did it all-natural.

The family said they appreciated the care they received at the University Hospital in San Antonio. Early the next day, a doctor walked in the hospital room and looked at Robert, telling him, “Good job, Doctor Robert.”

The hospital even edited their certificate to say that Gracelyn was born at Chick-fil-A; Robert was listed as both her nurse and her doctor.

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“Obviously he is my husband so he was being very supportive as a husband, but he was being my coach, my nurse, and my doctor,” said Falon. “I couldn’t imagine doing that by myself.”

“I just ran the shipping and receiving,” Robert responded to his wife. “She was the CEO, the manufacturer, and ran this operation: she did all the pushing, the labor and the heavy lifting.”

Robert once was a volunteer firefighter and is currently a volunteer for Texas Search and Rescue; he was one of the many selfless volunteers who helped with the Hurricane Harvey crisis.

A day after their dramatic visit to the restaurant, the Griffin family was visited by Chick-fil-A staff, including the owner of the store, the marketing director, and the woman who brought the towels, Brenda.

“Typically you see balloons and teddy bears but they came with a basket including a Chick-fil-A cow!” said Falon.

While the family was happy to be reunited with Brenda and meet the others, Falon couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. “I was horrified. I was apologizing for leaving all of that in there,” she said. referring to the mess that comes with giving birth. But the owner reassured Falon that she was the only one who saw it and that she even cleaned it herself.

The Griffin Family was also given a certificate guaranteeing Gracelyn a job at their store when she is old enough.

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The owner of the Chick-fil-A also gave the family gift cards which they gave as a thanks to some of the hospital’s employees. But when Falon was discharged from the hospital, they jokingly decided to go to the same Chick-fil-A for a quick bite, with no intention of even using the gift cards.

“Robert had put the cow in the front seat buckled in,” Falon said.

In a video provided by the Griffin Family to the Daily Wire, Robert is seen pulling up to the window and handing over his credit card. The young boy at the window does not recognize the family and swipes his card, but another woman recognizes the family. “How is the baby doing?” she asks.

The employee then tries to credit the money back to the Griffin family, to which Robert responds, “No we want to pay.”

“But it’s a promise,” the employee says.

This is when the Griffin family found out that there is now a special code on the computer to give them their food for free each time they visit the store.

When the employees tell the family that Brenda is coming to speak to them, Robert jokes, “Yeah we want to complain to your manager.”

“About your bathroom stalls.” Falon adds “Some lady apparently had a baby in it.”

The Griffin family said they did not expect all of the media attention and support but called it “tremendous.”

“You hear of the stories about Texas communities and they are right: there is nothing like the Texan hospitality,” Robert said. “It is everything you can imagine. Those aren’t rumors. Its true. They have poured their hearts out to us.”

“She is the original Chick-fil-A baby,” he said.

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