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Matthew Dowd Defends Kavanaugh Allegations, Then Knocks Himself Out

Left-wing ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd defended the baseless accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh last week but then jumped all over former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Sunday for making a claim about a Democratic senator without evidence.

Dowd, who spent last week calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “sexual predator,” also suggested that the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford should be automatically believed despite the fact that there has been no evidence released supporting her claims.

Dowd continued defending the baseless accusations against Kavanaugh on Sunday, even after all four witnesses she claims were at the party have come out and denied that the party even happened.

Christie then interjected to note the fact that Ford’s accusations were leaked, saying, “That’s why what Senator Feinstein did here is reprehensible because she and her staff leaked this information.”

Dowd lost it.

“We don’t know that!” Dowd exclaimed. “That is an allegation without evidence.”