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MAIN STREET: President Trump Says His Administration Is Now Tackling Tax Reform

On a visit to Missouri Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced that he’s about to take on tax reform, claiming that his administration is looking to undertake the first fundamental reformation of the tax code in nearly three decades.

The flight to Springfield is no accident; Trump wanted to deliver his tax reform proposal as deeply into middle America’s flyover country as possible, and the President made his announcement just off famed American highway, Route 66, once called the “America’s Main Street.”

“We’re here today to launch our plans to bring back Main Street by reducing the crumbling burden on our companies and on our workers,” Trump told a small gathering in Springfield. “The foundation of our job creation agenda is to fundamentally reform our tax code for the first time in more than 30 years.”

Sensing that Democrats would immediately pounce on any tax reform proposal with the line that Trump’s policies ultimately benefit the wealthy, Trump smartly noted that his plan has widespread ramifications for small business, and is designed to encouage economic growth at all levels. He also said that he expected the effort to be bipartisan.

“What could possibly be more bipartisan than allowing Americans to keep more of what they earn and creating an environment for real job and wage growth in the country that we love so much?” Trump asked the audience.

Mainstream media sources like CNN immediately claimed that Trump was taking advantage of the ongoing situation along the Texas coastline to deflect attention from his packed legislative agenda, much of which won’t be popular with most Democrats, noting that the President had few specifics about his plan available for his audience today.

But the White House, and Republicans, say this is just the first salvo in an ongoing battle over tax reform; the Republicans in Congress are only just beginning to hash out details of any tax reform package they expect to introduce before Congress goes on their six week holiday vacation later in the year.

Trump also had harsh words for Congressional Republicans who might consider dragging their feet and timing out on any potential legislation, contending that he had a “once in a generation opportunity” to deliver comprehensive tax reform, and that he expects the GOP to play ball.

“I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress. Do you understand me?” Trump said to applause.

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