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LOL: YouTube Troll Hilariously Edits Sam Harris Audio Clips Making Him Say Absurd Things

By  Josh Eisen

Some YouTube troll with far too much time on his hands hilariously edited Sam Harris audio clips to make him say outrageous things.

The YouTube channel “Ham Sarris” uses snippets from Sam Harris’ actual “Waking Up Podcast” and edits them into an “alternative” podcast called, “Keep On Sleeping Podcast.” Here are just few of the funny edits the YouTuber makes:

“There’s a starving person by my front door today… that I just stepped over on the way to this podcast cuz I was, uh, you know, busy…”

“I have some good guests coming up on the podcast; I have Huval Yurari (real name Yuval Harari) who many of you have requested. He wrote the big story of our time… and it is an incredibly boring one.”

“…I am also hoping to have the audio soon for my public events with Dawkard Richins (real name Richard Dawkins)”

The YouTuber channel also includes an edited conversation between Sam Harris and clinical psychologist and University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan Peterson. In it, Dr. Peterson (edited name is Peter Jordanson) expresses points of view that happen to be the exact opposite of what he believes. Anyone familiar with either Harris’ or Peterson’s worldview are sure to find this edited version of their conversation hysterical.

Sam begins with a hilarious introduction:

“He {Peter Jordanson} is an anarcho-masochist creating a theme park for psychopaths completely obsessed with malicious sorcery to cast spells on other members of the Social Sciences in attempt to sicken or kill them in the hopes of magically stealing their possessions, especially their crops.”

“Hopefully he’s wearing his magic underpants… please enjoy my conversation with Peter Jordanson.”

Conversation with Peter Jordanson:

Peter Jordanson:“You know, Canada moved at the federal level to institute some legislation that seems in keeping with the extension of human rights protection to gender identity and gender expression. You can now be prosecuted under the hate crime legislation federally for criticizing someone’s choice of fashion… That’s, that’s great! Ya know? I’m very happy about that!”

“… And so I believe, and I have good evidence for believing, that gender is a social construct.”

Ham Sarris: “So, briefly, biology does not significantly determine gender or sexuality.”

Peter Jordanson: “Right! There are multiple variance of gender identity and some of those don’t neatly fit into male female classifications. Anyway… people who are non-binary are entitled to be referred to by pronouns other than he or she, including words like ze and zer.”

Ham Sarris: “I want to be addressed by a 16 digit number, and I’m going to be offended if you get that number wrong

Peter Jordanson: “You got it! That’s exactly it!”

Ham Sarris: “This is just pure… creativity.”

Peter Jordanson: “Look, the only way that can determine your identity is the way that you feel and that time!”

You can watch the entire clip here.

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