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LOL VIDEO: Alex Jones Releases Video Of Confrontations With Seattle Leftists. It’s Not Great For Jones.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

In perhaps one of the best InfoWars compilations of all time, famed political entertainer and known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones takes on liberal Seattle, where “the biggest cucks on the planet” reside, according to Jones. The fringy media man cut the most entertaining footage of liberals interacting with him on the street.

Jones, with newspaper in hand, attempts to inform Seattle residents that the mainstream media are trying to tank the stock market.

“Did you see how newspapers everywhere said the economy was going to implode today and then it caused the stock market to implode?” he asks one woman who approached him.

“I just wanted to stop to tell you that I think your show is terrible,” she replies. “I think you are full of conspiracies.”

After someone calls him a “jacka**” from afar, Jones screams back, “I’m changing society, not you!”

Another man apparently flicked-off Jones, which triggered the InfoWars star to chase after him and call him a “coward.”

“You’re not an intellectual! You’re a fake and a phony and a fraud,” he screams.

The duo exchanged a few f*** yous before Jones moves along to utter the best line of the entire video: “These people are the biggest cucks on the planet!”

Fourteen-karat gold.

Jones is then disturbingly bumped by a clearly unstable man he got into a shouting match with; the unhinged liberal even dumps coffee all over him. Jones surprisingly keeps his cool better than most people would in that situation, only hurling a few insults as the liberal man cocks back his mug, posturing to physically assault Jones.

Jones goes on like this for the rest of the video, screaming about the “globalists” and getting cursed at by liberals in response who are quick to hurl out the “racist” insult.

The video, hilariously enough, is titled, “Close Encounters Of The Liberal Kind: Seattle Edition.”


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