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LOL: Feminist Organizes ‘No Bra Day’ to Teach Men ‘Not to Sexualize Women’s Bodies’

A student from Helena High School in Montana, Kaitlyn Juvik, was seriously disturbed about men “sexualizing women’s bodies.” So, she decided to organize No Bra Day at Helena: A day where perky high school girls would walk the halls and go to classes bra-less in protest.

That’ll show ’em! Talk about a dagger to the heart of the patriarchy; I don’t know how male privilege will ever rebound from the onslaught of bra-less girls.

“It was about gender equality and teaching people not to sexualize women’s bodies,” she told The Guardian, explaining her motives for organizing the protest event.

Of course, by gender “equality,” Juvik means sameness. If boys don’t have to wear bras, why the heck do girls? After all, male and female breasts are exactly the same. Or something.

“If my boobs make you uncomfortable, then why are you looking at me in that way?”

“We’re always asked to do things to make guys more comfortable,” complained the feminist. “If my boobs make you uncomfortable, then why are you looking at me in that way?”

Juvik claims that she launched the counterproductive bra-less event after the school’s female vice-principle had the audacity to address the feminist’s “inappropriate attire” — an off the shoulder t-shirt with no bra — asking her to cover up or put a bra.

“[Y]ou need to either cover up or put [a bra] on because there are a lot of male teachers and male students here, and that makes them uncomfortable. They don’t want to see that,” the vice-principal allegedly told Juvik.

“I felt embarrassed. I felt almost violated,” the feminist dramatically declared.

By Juvik’s own admission, she and her friends often go to school bra-less, but she was only addressed by administration this one time.

“I choose not to wear a bra very often, because I find it more comfortable. Most of my friends never wear bras, either,” admitted Juvik. “I was really thrown off by the vice-principal’s comments, so I told her I would put something different on and left.”

In other words, Juvik’s outfit was simply too revealing for the administration’s liking. They aren’t the anti-feminist bra-enforcement squad, searching the halls, checking to see who is and who isn’t wearing a bra.

Nonetheless, No Bra Day was held on May 27, and moronic feminists everywhere salivated.

But so did the guys they were supposedly teaching a lesson to, so…