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LISTEN: Student Assaulted For ‘Trump’ Flag Gives Alarming Details About Attack, School’s Response

By  James Barrett

During National School Walkout Day gun control demonstrations on Wednesday, a student at Southwest High School in Minneapolis was assaulted by eight of his peers for holding a “Trump” flag. In an interview with radio host Walter Hudson posted Friday, Nico, who says he’s the student that was attacked, revealed more alarming details about the confrontation, particularly about the school’s response.

Though a few outlets have covered the incident, including CBS Minnesota, few details have been reported. Police told reporters that the incident took place during the #Enough rally outside of the school while students were observing a moment of silence. Two students initially “confronted” the Trump flag-carrying student, CBS reports; soon, six more students joined in “taking away his flag, damaging his camera and inflicting minor injuries.” The assault ended when a school resource officer finally intervened.

In the interview Friday, Nico, a caller claiming to be the student, confirmed to Hudson that he was in fact assaulted by eight of his fellow students who were triggered by his “Trump” flag. While Nico said most of the sparse details from the reports were accurate, he noted the claim that he suffered “minor injuries” was false: His wrist was in fact broken in two places.

Nico offered some other alarming details not included in the reports, including that he was chased down by the initial two students and knocked to the ground, and that “multiple teachers” who witnessed the confrontation did not initially intervene. Only after another student intervened did some of the adults come to his aid, he said.

Perhaps the most troubling part of his account was his description of how the administration responded to the assault. Nico says they told him not to return to school for the next week and said they believe it might be necessary for him not to return for the rest of the year because they cannot “guarantee his safety.”

“They’ve told me and my friend that our safety cannot be guaranteed for this next week going back to school, and for me potentially the whole rest of the school year,” said Nico.

“So effectively you’ve been expelled from your school because you got assaulted,” said Hudson.

Listen below:

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