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Limbaugh: Media Trying To Convince Us We Haven’t Heard What We’ve Heard For Last Two Years

By  James Barrett

Rush Limbaugh started off his radio program Thursday by addressing the biggest stories of the day: former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s new book detailing how he and his Trump-hating cronies allegedly attempted to stage a coup to take down the duly elected President of the United States, and the media now making a concerted effort to “gaslight” Americans to try to convince them that they didn’t really hear and read what they’ve been hearing and reading from the media for the past two years. The two big stories, Limbaugh said, are interconnected.

McCabe, “one of the ringleaders of this coup to get rid of Donald Trump,” is out there “bragging” about his efforts to take down a sitting president, said Rush. “He is bragging about his efforts to undermine and overthrow Trump. He’s admitting, essentially, that he and his buddies put in motion a silent coup to get rid of Donald Trump. He admits that the talk of wiring Rosenstein to entrap Trump in an Oval Office conversation was real. Rosenstein and others have been laughing it off and denying it. But McCabe is out there admitting that it is all true.”

The timing of McCabe’s big book tour, said Limbaugh,”could not be more delicious.” He explained: “Over the past two weeks it has been — and even longer than that — over the past two weeks it has been leaking very slowly, very surely, that the Mueller report isn’t gonna have anything about collusion with Russia in it. … Then the most recent leaks, which were this week that Mueller may not even issue a report. And then Trump’s lead lawyer at the beginning of all this, John Dowd, said, ‘There isn’t gonna be a report. He’s got nothing. There isn’t anything in this.'”

Limbaugh offered a theory on why Mueller would choose not to issue a report, beyond the fact that he has “nothing'” to show for the whole drummed up collusion “hoax”: Not issuing a report is “gonna continue to provide a source for anonymous leaks” that make it appear that something nefarious was going on in the Trump camp. “Even if the report’s got nothing in it, the media from now through the 2020 election is gonna be acting like it does,” he said.

In the meantime, the media is working in unison to try to pull off one of the biggest “gaslighting” efforts in recent history.

“They’re acting like, ‘Well, wait a minute. We never, ever said that there was collusion,'” said Rush. “They really are. They’re now starting to take the position, now that everybody knows that this report may not even be made public and that it does not have any evidence whatsoever of Trump-Russia collusion, there are elements of the media now saying, ‘Well, wait! We never said that there was!’

“The term for this is gaslighting,” he continued. “They’re gaslighting us. They’re literally trying to make us believe that what we’ve thought for the past two years has been wrong, that they have not been pushing the collusion theory. I mean, it’s stunning to see this.”

After citing a perfect “Seinfeld” reference brought up by the Federalist’s Adam Mill, Limbaugh unloaded on the “players” in this deeply “damaging” game, calling for a new special counsel to investigate their actions.

“In the midst of all the players knowing they found nothing, they’ve got nothing, there was nothing to find — that they have been running a hoax, that they’ve been running a silent coup — the damage that they have done to this country in the past two years is immeasurable, and there needs to be a brand-new special counsel impaneled to investigate everybody from Mueller and everybody on his team, to McCabe, to Comey, to Strzok, to Bruce Ohr, to every one of these people all the way up to Fusion GPS, the Perkins Coie law firm, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, all the way up to Brennan and Clapper and maybe even Obama, because that’s the root of this.”

Rush then summarized the intent of the whole charade: “It was a concerted effort to nullify and overturn the election results of 2016.”

The worst part, he suggested, is that the mainstream media has known from the beginning that the whole “collusion” claim was nonsense. “I firmly believe that everybody in the media has known from the get-go that none of this was true,” he said. “There may be some exceptions in outlier media, but in terms of the Washington-New York corridor media, every damned one of them, everybody you see on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington, every damned one of them commenting in it, analyzing on it, has known from the get-go that there wasn’t any collusion.”

The reasons he’s so certain, he explained, is that the media would “have to be blind not to know the origins of it.”

“They know from the get-go that the dossier was bogus!” he exclaimed. “And yet they were looking for any which way they could to publish it. They knew it was a series of lies. They knew it was a bunch of garbage strung together. They knew it had been used as phony intelligence to get warrants to spy. They knew all of this. The media has been as active a player in this as Mueller!”

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