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Limbaugh Hilariously Trolls Comey Over FBI’s Kavanaugh Report

By  James Barrett

Top-rated talk radio host Rush Limbaugh didn’t try too hard to mask his enjoyment in watching the fallout Thursday as the findings of the FBI report on the uncorroborated allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began to sink in among the “stone-faced” Democrats in the Senate. In a segment on how the FBI handled the investigation, Limbaugh made sure to work in some trolling references to the Democrats’ favorite fired FBI director, James Comey.

In an op-ed for The New York Times on Sunday, Comey made painfully clear what he believes about Kavanaugh, despite no corroborating evidence for any of the claims against him. Here’s a taste of Comey’s op-ed, in which he expresses confidence that the FBI can find Kavanaugh guilty if they just “dig deeper”:

Yes, the alleged incident occurred 36 years ago. But F.B.I. agents know time has very little to do with memory. They know every married person remembers the weather on their wedding day, no matter how long ago. Significance drives memory. They also know that little lies point to bigger lies. They know that obvious lies by the nominee about the meaning of words in a yearbook are a flashing signal to dig deeper.

Comey goes on to praise the agents of the bureau he once ran as fully capable and consummate professionals who will get to the truth of the allegations. Well, they did, and now the “stone-faced” Democrats aren’t happy about it.

So, Limbaugh wants to know: When is Comey going to come out and congratulate the FBI on a job well done?

“Ari Fleischer with a good point. Do you notice what the director of the FBI did not do today? Christopher Wray did not call a press conference to praise himself and the bureau on the latest Kavanaugh report,” said Limbaugh, in reference to Comey’s habit of doing just that.

“Has anybody heard from Comey, by the way, yet praising the FBI for their work? That still hasn’t happened? We haven’t heard from Comey yet?” said Limbaugh.

“Well, whenever the FBI does something great… I mean, he comes out and he always praises them on that Trump-Russia stuff,” he continued. “You would think… He loves the FBI. He doesn’t want the FBI to ever get creamed, and the Democrats are sliming the FBI like you can’t believe. Where’s Comey with his statement defending them? That’s all I’m asking. Sensible question, if you ask me.”

Earlier in the segment, Limbaugh discussed some of the key witnesses the FBI interviewed in their investigation, pointing out that some of the names we’ve heard, particularly Mark Judge and Deborah Ramirez, are exactly who the Democrats were demanding the FBI talk to, but now suddenly find insufficient.

“They’ve done this about Kavanaugh now seven times, over the course of his judicial career and when he was in the White House, staff secretary to George W. Bush,” Rush pointed out. “He’s carrying the nuclear codes in what’s called the football. He’s gotta have top-level security. He’s gotta be worthy of it!”

He continued: “They’ve done background after background after background on Kavanaugh! And they just did another one! And they went and talked to specific witnesses as a result of the claims by Blasey Ford and Ramirez! They talked to Mark Judge for three years, they talked to Ramirez, they talked to a bunch of people.”

While Democrats predictably complain that it wasn’t enough, some of the key swing-vote senators are saying the opposite.

“Trump, the Republicans are not trying to limit the Democrats’ knowledge of what’s happened here. And the senators like Flake has seen it and Susan Collins, and they have both praised its thoroughness,” said Limbaugh. “They have both praised its thoroughness. And Collins has talked about how… And Flake, too, actually, about the fact that it’s very thorough in the fact that there isn’t any new corroboration! The bottom line is, the FBI looked into this, they talked to specific witnesses as named by Ford and others, and they can’t find any evidence for what Ford claims! Or Ramirez! It’s that open and shut! And they’re livid.”

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