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Lena Dunham Returns To Her Favorite Spot…The Toilet

After epically melting down over the stunning presidential election of Republican Donald Trump, it looks like feminist icon Lena Dunham has found her way back to her favorite place: the toilet.

On Monday, the avid Hillary Clinton enthusiast posed for a picture while lounging on the toilet; her gold dress hiked up and her tights pushed to her knees as she seductively(?) looks up at the camera. The 30-year-old then posted the vile photo to Instagram. You know, normal people behavior.

(Screenshot via Daily Star)


Dunham tagged her poor sap of a boyfriend Jack Antonoff and captioned the photo: “Model citizen photo by @jackantonoff who may regret having essentially married me (it would be very hard to detangle our assets).”

Apparently disappointed that the world didn’t love seeing her on the toilet, Dunham later deleted the Instagram post, only to replace if with a photo of model and comedienne Jenny McCarthy.

“When you delete your own peeing Insta cuz you chronically forget what kind of world we live in but you still gotta shout out your visual influences,” captioned Dunham.

This is not the first time the vocal feminist has found herself posing in such a natural setting. In a scene from Girls, Dunham was shown nude, eating birthday cake, sitting legs-folded on the toilet. Charming stuff.

As noted by Heat Street, the social justice warrior recently posted drunken videos of herself to social media, in which she referred to herself as a “a human wastebasket” and “wastoid.” The ranting videos were apparently spurred by her mourning of the election loss of Hillary Clinton.

Between the drunken video rants and the toilet post, it looks like things are going well for Dunham.