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Leftists Claim Paul Ryan Banned Women From Wearing Sleeveless Dresses In Capitol. Nope.

By  Aaron Bandler

The Left has become apoplectic over the notion that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) banned women from wearing sleeveless dresses in the House building. There’s just one problem: this has been the House dress code for years.

It all started with a CBS News report about a female reporter who was blocked from entering the Speaker’s lobby because she was wearing a sleeveless dress. The reporter, identified as Weekly Standard reporter Jenna Lifhits, attempted to use paper from her notebook as a way to cover up her shoulders, but she still wasn’t allowed through.

CBS also noted that Independent Journal Review reporter Haley Byrd was booted from the Speaker’s lobby for wearing a sleeveless dress.

“I was just trying to pass through the area to reach another hallway, but I was told I was violating the rules,” Byrd said. “They offered to find a sweater for me to put on, so it wasn’t some tyrannical end of free press, but I opted to just go around instead. But recently they’ve been cracking down on the code, like with open-toed shoes.”

Cue the feminist outrage: (H/T: Twitchy)

The problem is that this is not a new policy for the House. Amanda Carpenter set the record straight on the matter:

NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt also tweeted out that this dress code has been in place for years:

Byrd had this to say about it:

It can be easy to see why some might be unaware of the required attire since there aren’t any public documents stating what specific articles of clothing are banned from the House, but typically workplaces have a dress code that employees need to follow. Some tend to have stricter dress codes than others. Requiring appropriate business attire in the House building for women and men is not some sort of Christian dystopian tyranny.

This episode is yet another example of feminists finding any little thing to be the object of their perpetual outrage.

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