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Layoffs At The #Resistance: HuffPo Fires Dozens, Time Slashes Hundreds

The good news is Obama’s economy. As all readers of Time Magazine and The Huffington Post well know, King Barry’s economy was super-awesomelicious, which means that the 300 staffers just shown the door at Time Inc. and the 50 or so given the boot at the Huffington Post … well, they are all going to be just fine. I mean, unless the reporting was inaccurate and Barry did not make our economy super-awesomelicious.

But today is not a day for cynicism, because there is even better news for the 350 laid-off members of the anti-Trump #Resistance …

You see, again per our objective and unbiased media, Obama transcended unemployment into something that is now called “funemployment!” — get it, FUNemployment! — get it, thanks to Obama, unemployment is now FUN!

Of course, we were also told by this very same media that Donald Trump meant boom times for the media, that Trump meant springtime for the media — more clicks, more kicks, more subscriptions, more eyeballs. The glory days are back, baby!

But if that is true, how can this also be true?

Like many print-based companies, Time Inc. seen digital advertising growth only partially offsetting declines in print ad sales and circulation. Its first-quarter revenue declined 8% to $636 million.

Hey, I don’t know… All I know is that according to the media, after eight years of Captain Barry, the rivers run with chocolate and peppermint candy grows on trees. So there is no need to worry about these folks.

And I would most especially like to close with this personal sentiment… That I am every bit as upset over these folks losing their jobs as they were when coal miners lost their jobs.

And I meant that.


With all my heart.

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