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KLAVAN: No, You’re Not A Nazi For Protecting Our Borders

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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host discusses freshman Democrat Congresswomen Ilhan Omar’s reaction to President Trump putting advisor Stephen Miller in charge of his immigration policy. Transcript and video below.

So, President “the Donald” is on a rampage, and I don’t blame him one bit. We’ve got people pouring in. Whatever he was doing, it wasn’t working. You can blame him for the fact that when he had both houses of Congress he didn’t move. I think that was a mistake. He made such a big fuss about this during the campaign that he should’ve stuck to that. He should have put it right at the head, but he got what he could get, which was the tax cuts instead because I just think he couldn’t move the Congress. I think Congress is paralyzed on this issue. They don’t all agree on how to do it. They can’t compromise. They’re all serving their base and not serving the country. It really is shameful.

Now he’s been throwing out threats. He’s going to shut the border, but he can’t do that. The economy will crash so he backs off on that. He’s going to put tariffs on Mexican stuff, but not yet. Whatever he does he runs into a wall.
So apparently, he’s now turned to Stephen Miller who’s his big hard-liner on this, his policy guy. He apparently said to him, “Stephen, you are now in charge of this issue.” Which caused Ilhan Omar to say that Miller is a “white nationalist.” Another Jewish “white nationalist.” These “Jewish Nazis” are all over the place. You know, I don’t think they’re thinking long term; “Jewish Nazis” are not far-sighted enough. It’s like the Japanese joining the white nationalist Nazis for World War II. Not thinking ahead.

So I don’t know what’s white nationalist about the guy. He’s trying to protect the border. It’s so annoying when people say, and this is really what Miller had been talking about, is protecting Western civilization. It really drives me crazy when people say “protect western civilization” and everybody responds “you’re a white nationalist.” You wouldn’t know white nationalism is bad if it weren’t for western civilization. There has never been another civilization that thinks that race is not the main way to categorize people.

Only western civilization thinks that’s wrong. They think that’s wrong because St. Paul said so because there’s no Jew or Greek in Christ. They think it’s wrong because the Roman citizens of the Republic fought to get full citizenship even though they weren’t actually Latins, they weren’t actually Romans, they fought to get citizenship until everybody was included. That’s one of the reasons the republic fell. That’s why they think white nationalism is bad, because of western civilization. You have to protect western civilization. One of the ways you do that is by making sure that the people coming in subscribe to the values and attitudes of western civilization.

So this whole thing about immigration – that we should have no borders. Why are you so stingy with your stupid country that stinks? That’s their attitude. How can our country be so evil that it won’t let in all the people that want to get in because the country is so great? That’s basically the left’s position. It’s all nonsense.

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