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Kerry Prepares Next Stab In The Back For Israel

By  Michael Qazvini

In the wake of the US abstention on the UN Security Council vote to render all territory outside of the 1967 lines, including the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rallying support in Congress in anticipation of the Obama administration’s final indignity against the Jewish State.

“Netanyahu’s fear is that Secretary of State John Kerry will set out principles or parameters for a Palestinian state in a speech that he has said he will deliver in the next few days on his Middle East vision,” reports The Times of Israel. “The prime minister fears that, in its final days, the Obama administration will seek to have a resolution enshrining those parameters adopted by the UN Security Council, the report said.”

If Netanyahu’s fears are materialized, peace, let alone a two-state solution, may be all but impossible.

A resolution cementing the parameters of a Palestinian state would tie Israel’s hands, imposing a restricting precondition on any and all serious future negotiations brokered by international partners, including the United States.

Under the guise of opposing so-called “settlements,” the Obama administration has already designated Israel as a de facto pariah state.

Casting more aspersions against Jewish sovereignty would likely embolden Palestinian extremists, including Islamic terrorist group Hamas, who call for the complete elimination of the State of Israel.

“They are spitting at us,” Netanyahu said to his close colleagues, according to Channel 2 news. “We will respond forcefully.”

Since the controversial UNSC vote against Israeli settlements on Friday, Netanyahu has reached out to members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in an effort to solidify allies in the next US administration.

Trump has already conveyed his deep suspicions about the UN’s motives, suggesting that he may seriously scale back US involvement in the international body.

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