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UNEMPLOYED: Kathy Griffin Loses ALL Of Her Gigs, Her Only Sponsor, And Her Big CNN Show

When you get fired by Squatty Potty, things are going badly.

Squatty Potty is a little plastic stool you put under your feet when taking a No. 2. The stool helps “mimic a perfect squat” while also having an “ideal foot position for maximum comfort.” Now available in Slim Teak ($59.99) and Tao Bamboo ($69.99).

Yes, that was Kathy Griffin’s only sponsor. And we’re not saying that the 56-year-old whose career imploded after she released a picture of herself holding a bloody severed head modeled after President Trump isn’t perhaps the perfect spokesman for Squatty Potty. We’re just noting that SquaPa decided to give Griffin her walking (toilet) papers.

So, that’s everyone. CNN (after waiting nearly a day) decided to can Griffin from her annual New Year’s Eve appearance (where she flips people the bird and makes Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl). And every single one of her upcoming gigs for her comedy show has been canceled. Every. Single. One.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins Tour” (hilarious!) had planned seven stops, a few in California, a few more around New York City, and one in New Mexico.

Her gig at the St. George Theatre in Staten Island on November 2 was 86’ed first, then her show at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “Ms. Griffin’s recent actions have severely inhibited our ability to fulfill our mission as a non-profit theatre serving the Staten Island community,” said the theater.

Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque canceled her show Wednesday and the California venues followed suit. That left Bergen Performing Arts Center in New Jersey as the only surviving gig.

But not anymore. “After very careful consideration, bergenPAC has decided to no longer move forward with the scheduled performance of Kathy Griffin on 11/4/17,” they tweeted out over the weekend.

Twitterers immediately praised the move.

So, Griffin’s metamorphosis is complete. She went from a D-list comedian with one sponsor who hardly ever works (seven shows between now and December is not exactly a packed schedule) to a former comedian with no sponsors and zero upcoming shows.

What’s more, she united Trump haters and the haters of Trump haters into one faction: Griffin haters.

And that’s hard to do.

Well played, Kath.

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