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‘JUSTICE-PRICING’: Filmmaker Charges White Males $5 More For Tickets

Super-woke Canadian filmmaker Shiraz Higgins has implemented his own so-called “justice-pricing” policy, where he charges white males an extra $5 to view his movie.

The 27-year-old filmmaker (yes, he’s a millennial, can you believe it?) is charging white males $15 a ticket and all others $10, apparently as a way to level-out all that white male privilege.

Higgins told The Canadian Press that the “justice-pricing” is “not a publicity stunt” but “based on the purchasing power of individual groups and ‘price discrimination.'”

“This is not a publicity stunt,” he said. Organizers are “pushing forward because we believe it is an important piece of overall conversation that is happening in society right now,” added Higgins.

“Higgins said while there has been criticism, he has also heard from women who said they pay more than men for goods and services, including hair cuts and hygienic and cosmetic products,” notes the Press.

The 70-minute documentary-style flick gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glance at stand-up comedians prepping for shows.

But the story gets even more millennial-like. Higgins was apparently too scared to initially put his name on the pricing policy, previously speaking to the Press under the pseudonym Sid Mohammed.

Higgins said “he used a false name to promote it because he was concerned about a backlash that could risk his safety.”

“I’ve been wanting to have a layer of safety between me and angry citizens in order to keep the tension from being completely locked in on me,” he said.

“I feel bad that it’s clearly made some people upset and that it has undermined the overall message that we’re sending out here,” Higgins added.

“It’s clearly become very heated,” he stated.

The overcharging of white men, he insisted, is not “retribution or putting white men in their place or something like that.”

The theater claims they were not consulted about the pricing policy.

“Blue Bridge was not at any time consulted regarding these policies and, had it been, would not have agreed, nor will it ever agree, to policies that are discriminatory towards any person,” said Blue Bridge Theatre Society General Manager Rebekah Johnson.

The policy will be reviewed at the next board meeting on September 25, said Johnson.