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Jimmy Kimmel Called Out For Pushing CNN’s ‘Bogus’ School Shooting Statistic

Following the tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School that left ten people dead, including eight students, Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to again call for gun control, but in the process, the late-night host made the crucial mistake of relying on CNN as the source for his statistics, highlighting yet again how loose and fast CNN plays with the “facts” when it comes to promoting its political agenda.

“The US has had 57 times as many school shootings as the other major industrialized nations combined,” Kimmel tweeted, citing a CNN report.

The school shooting statistics in America are indeed extremely grim, and the U.S. far surpasses all other industrialized nations. Simply presenting the true numbers is sobering enough. However, as the left-leaning PolitiFact has been repeatedly forced to admit, CNN and other left-wing outlets continue to far inflate the numbers, including incidents that no rational person would describe as “school shootings” in their list.

Here are a few of PolitiFacts’ fact-checks on some of the inflated numbers pushed by CNN and gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety:

And here’s The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro fact-checking CNN’s most recently debunked claim following the Santa Fe shooting:

As Twitchy notes, several followers made sure to point out that Kimmel was pushing “bogus” school shooting statistics:

The Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutwoski highlights some of the incidents CNN includes as “school shootings”:

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